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Sunday’s Sermon Today: Suiting Up (Ephesians 6:10-18)

You wouldn’t show up for a half marathon wearing golf cleats. Or an ATV race with only a scooter. You wouldn’t show up for a baseball game in your hockey gear, or for a basketball game with a golf ball. … Continue reading

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ScreenFish: It’s Coming! (There, You’ve Been Warned)

There’s a new website coming. Shhh! No one has heard of it yet. The Internet is populated with blog posts and editorials about film. There are plenty of sites that promote faith and values and religion, too. But in … Continue reading

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Baltimore & Social Media: Where’s The Love? (A Mustard Seed Musing)

The last few days, my Facebook feed has been dominated by three kinds of posts about Baltimore. There are the ones saying they’ll pray, either for the city and its people, or (usually) for a) the police or b) the protesters. … Continue reading

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Netflix’s Daredevil: Chasing Ghosts, For Love of a City (TV Review)

“Can I get a witness?” That’s what watching Netflix’s Daredevil was like for me. Not just a mesmerizing bit of eye candy a la Banshee, Game of Thrones, or Scandal, but a real, honest-to-goodness parable of good versus evil, of motivations, of the tearing … Continue reading

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Batman Vs. Robin: Vengeance Or Justice? (Movie Review)

Finally. Finally, the world of DC Comics Animation has arrived in the Scott Snyder era of Batman’s story lines. Batman Vs. Robin begins with a vignette about Batman (Jason O’Mara) and Damian as Robin (Stuart Allan) taking down the Dollmaker (Weird … Continue reading

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Furious 7: Everything Explodes (A Statler & Waldorf Review)

If movies can be spoofed, why can’t reviews? In the spirit of dialogue, I’m going to be doing a review a la The Muppets’ Statler and Waldorf. Statler: Is that guy, The Rock, inflated? Like, do they blow up his arms in … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Sermon Today: Adopted By God

Today is Adoption Day at Blandford UMC. You’re adopted, I’m adopted. Everyone in this room is adopted. Now, some of you were adopted by earthly parents who chose you to be part of their family. That is just… awesome. But some of … Continue reading

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