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ScreenFish: It’s Coming! (There, You’ve Been Warned)

There’s a new website coming. Shhh! No one has heard of it yet. http://www.ScreenFish.net The Internet is populated with blog posts and editorials about film. There are plenty of sites that promote faith and values and religion, too. But in … Continue reading

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New Rating System For Reviews (Movies, Books, TV)

This is one of those boring but necessary occasional posts that only the most avid readers of the blog will care about… if any! But I’m unleashing a new review system and will be tweaking it (if necessary) over the … Continue reading

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Good News Of The Day: Real Life Devotion (Book Review)

This is a review of a fellow HJ writer’s new book, that I’ve copied from HJ. But many of you don’t read both so I thought it was relevant here. Hope you’ll check it out! I don’t know Yo Snyder … Continue reading

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Snitch: The Parable Of A Father’s Love

John Matthews (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) lives a good life; he’s remarried with a young daughter and his truck company is expanding its fleet. But then he gets “the” phone call that changes everything: his teenage son (Rafi Gavron) from … Continue reading

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