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Things Jesus Never Said: The Bible Says It And I Believe It!

I’ve been reading a book lately calledĀ The Dinosaur Lords. Now, some of you who are scientifically organized are probably thinking, “oh, he must be learning about the T-Rex.” Actually, the book is about an alternative universe where humans and dinosaurs … Continue reading

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When Christians Become Irrelevant (A Mustard Seed Musing)

One of my students challenged me this week. He wanted to know why I thought that seeing movies about real-life events, specifically the civil rights movement, mattered. ‘Why do you care? What difference does that have to me?’ he asked. … Continue reading

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Things Jesus Never Said: God Wants Your Team To Win (Sunday’s Sermon Today)

This fall, I’ll be looking at perceptions that (some) Christians have about faith that seem popular but flawed. In some cases, they will obviously not be literal things Jesus said, but ideas or concepts that we have adopted orĀ internalized to … Continue reading

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The First Day Of School, A Stolen Purse & The Hands Free Life

The first day of school brings a whirlwind of change, upheaval, sweat, tears, and … awesomeness in my house. This year, it’s a four-school year for us: we’re sending our eldest off to a school that isn’t where his mom … Continue reading

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