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Things Jesus Never Said: You Need To Keep Christ In Christmas

A few weeks ago, a brouhaha erupted over the styles of cups that Starbucks unveiled for their 2015 holiday season. Previous cups had featured rainbows and snowflakes, but this year – gasp – they are plain red! A firestorm, headed … Continue reading

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Things Jesus Never Said: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves (Or, What Jellybeans, Thanksgiving, & Refugees Have In Mind)

I had been planning a sermon for months about what it looked like to welcome in the unwelcomable (I made that word up) and what it looked like to care for those who were unloved. And then Paris happened last … Continue reading

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Letter To My Younger Self (A Mustard Seed Musing)

For my English class, I instructed students to write a letter to their younger selves to see what advice they could give, and what they might learn from the reflection. To be fair, I thought I should write one myself. I am … Continue reading

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Things Jesus Never Said: Faith Fixes Everything (Hebrews 11:1-16)

We all have faith in something. Even people who say they don’t believe in anything have faith that their understanding, their intellect, their concept of “not god” is correct, true, powerful, and is going to get them where they need to go. … Continue reading

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What If All The Kids Had Coats 2.0

A year ago, I wrote a blog post about the kids who were streaming through our church in Prince George/Petersburg, Virginia. We had thirty to forty kids from a low income area who lacked the necessary coats to stay warm … Continue reading

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