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Easter Sermon: What Difference Does the Cross Make?

What difference does the cross make? How can a man who dies on a cross be considered influential? It goes against everything we’re taught about power, and culture, and lasting influence. Jesus had no money, no military victories, no legions … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Sermon Today: Esther – Courage (Character Counts)

Over the next few weeks during March Madness, the annual single-elimination tournament for college basketball, commentators, coaches, and players will use phrases normally meant for other settings. We’ll hear how teams are “under fire,” how teammates are the type you … Continue reading

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Harlan Coben’s “Fool Me Once”: Secrets are Hard to Keep

In the latest novel by thriller writer Harlan Coben, Maya Burkett struggles with the murders of her husband, Joe, and┬áher sister, Claire. She’s still suffering from PTSD related to her combat experience in the Middle East, and the violence she … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Sermon Today: Nehemiah – Vision (Character Counts)

In the pantheon of the comics, Batman, Superman, and Spiderman reign supreme, with the influx of superhero movies adding others like the X-men, Iron Man, and more to the casual fans’ awareness. But one of my top five characters has … Continue reading

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┬áCities of Refuge #12 (the Bible says what?)

One of the strangest passages I’ve ever read in the Bible is in Deuteronomy 4:41-43. There, Moses establishes three cities that will allow anyone who had unintentionally killed a neighbor to find safety. These were their ‘cities of refuge.’ Different? … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Sermon Today: Solomon – Wisdom (Character Counts)

I love basketball – and I love coaching. But sometimes, there are peripheral parts of the job that get in the way of my enjoyment of the game. Yes, I’m talking about referees! One Saturday afternoon, I found myself on … Continue reading

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