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Sunday’s Sermon Today: Is Your Impatience Blooming? (Fruits of the Spirit)

Hello, my name is Jacob and I am impatient. I hate lines. I hate waiting. And my constant focus on what needs done mixes with those ‘hates’ in a way that make me self-centered and self-focused. But no one notices … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Sermon Today: Got Peace? (Fruits of the Spirit)

Peace is a fleeting thing. In a world marred by fights and squabbles, shootings and social media slandering, we can sometimes feel like the only way forward is to fight. Just a week ago, Will Smith, a retired defensive end … Continue reading

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Exit (Fiction)

He awoke with a scream, the fragments of a nightmare he couldn’t remember still clinging to him. The blanket lay in a heap on the cold stone floor, and his shirt stretched over his sweaty chest as it heaved. He … Continue reading

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A Little Grace (Fiction)

The man walked to the door and peered out into the hall. When he was sure that no one was coming, he slid out into the hallway, pulling his robe with him. As the door closed quietly behind him, he … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Sermon Today: Laughter & Joy (Fruits of the Spirit)

For centuries, in Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant countries, Easter Monday and “Bright Sunday” (the Sunday after Easter) were observed by the faithful as “days of joy and laughter” with parties and picnics to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Parishioners and pastors played … Continue reading

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