Good News Of The Day: Real Life Devotion (Book Review)

This is a review of a fellow HJ writer’s new book, that I’ve copied from HJ. But many of you don’t read both so I thought it was relevant here. Hope you’ll check it out!

I don’t know Yo Snyder well. Granted, we have been writers for Hollywood Jesus for several years together, but he lives in New Mexico and I live in Virginia. But I feel like I know Yo Snyder.

I know Yo loves his family, video games, movies, and the Denver Broncos. I know Yo loves Jesus.

Now you can get to know Yo a bit better with his “Life App for today’s pop-culture,” Good News for Today. Here, you’ll find 366 devotions (yes, leap year’s February 29 is included!) that include a Scripture verse and an applicable lesson from Yo’s own life.

Real Life: Check out January 25 and the story about Yo’s tricky, bent credit card and how that serves as an image of what sin is really like.

Pop Culture: On April 1, “Extreme Foolish Makeover” tells the story about a woman who wanted a man so badly that she had herself “shaped” to look like Jessica Alba… in China.

TV: Oprah gets a shout out… and we’re reminded she’s still not as generous as God in “The Big Give” on April 20.

Movies and Comics: In “The Dark Knight Before The Dawn,” on June 10, we’re reminded that there’s a hope that can’t be shut out.

Parenthood: On July 1, Yo reminds us (and his kids) that “Someone Is Always Watching.”

Sports: We see the power of sports for good and bad in golf on September 24, “The Day I Sin The Most.”

Marriage: “Replacements Just Aren’t The Same” reminds us on November 6 that marriage can show us what it means to understand how much God loves us.

Videogames: Knowing God’s love for us even when we’re broken becomes the focus of Yo’s look at “Fixing The Red Light of Death” (that all Xbox owners know well).

But March 22’s “What Is A Hero?” might be the ‘thesis’ statement of a devotional written by Yo Snyder. Here, he states boldly that while we might watch imaginary heroes in movies, play as imaginary heroes in video games, or lift sports icons to the role of heroes, the one, true hero was Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for sins that he didn’t commit and conquered death once and for all.

As the Editor-in-Chief of Hollywood Jesus and a longtime writer, I am proud of what Yo has done here in games, movies, and sports, and I take great joy in presenting his writing in book form to a world that will certainly appreciate a Scripture, real world, amusing, challenging, and diverse book of devotions available now!


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