New Rating System For Reviews (Movies, Books, TV)

This is one of those boring but necessary occasional posts that only the most avid readers of the blog will care about… if any!

But I’m unleashing a new review system and will be tweaking it (if necessary) over the next few weeks.

Drum roll, please…

give it: I thought it was terrific, and I enjoyed it/learned from it enough that I wanted someone else (a family member, friend, or someone seeking answers) to unwrap it and examine it, too.

buy it: I thought it was terrific and I want my own copy because I may revisit it at a future date.

borrow it: I thought it was better than average, but reading it once (thanks to the library), or watching it once (thanks to Redbox), would be sufficient.

rainy day it: I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch (read, examine) it but if you’re bored and there’s nothing left to consider, then I wouldn’t think less of you for checking it out.

burn it: I couldn’t finish it or found it to be so lacking that I hope my inclusion of said book/movie/TV show/etc. will save you from the investment of time in life that I can’t get back.

Any questions? Leave ’em below. We’ll see how this goes.


About Jacob Sahms

I'm searching for hope in the midst of the storms, raising a family, pastoring a church, writing on faith and film, rooting for the Red Sox, and sleeping occasionally. Find me at,, and the brand new
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