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Sunday’s Sermon Today: The Church’s Middle-Aged Powerpoint

God has been talking to me. Some of you were just thinking, “thank goodness, you are the preacher!” Others are less convinced, and are eyeing the exits… In all seriousness, over the last few weeks, I think God has been begging me … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Sermon Today: One Tribe

I’d recommend you read Genesis 12-19 and Hebrews 11 before reading this. And I’d recommend you not read it if you’ll be sitting in the Blandford UMC sanctuary on Sunday, June 16, because you’ll probably be bored during the sermon. … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Sermon Today: You Want Me To What???

I’d recommend you read Genesis 6-9 before you read this. Or you could just keep it handy. Or read this and wonder what I’m talking about. Anyway… Noah seemed like a good idea… and then Friday it rained and rained … Continue reading

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The Custom Mary: Faith Or Fanaticism?

There have been several fictional attempts to explain, understand, and consider the way that Jesus may appear, interpreting the understanding of the ways that he will “come back” at his “second coming.” Contemporary Christian Music delivered the Hero rock opera; Colin … Continue reading

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Hashtag Manifesto: Who Am I?

While my normal posts revolve around movies, pop culture, or current events related to pop culture and movies, a manifesto of sorts has been coming to mind based on the labeling that has divided the Church for centuries and continues … Continue reading

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Rob Bell, God, and What He’s Talking About

I’m aware that Rob Bell means a lot of things to a lot of Christians. Some Christians see him as a breath of fresh air; some think he’s the sign of the times, that he’s watering down Christianity until religion … Continue reading

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The Bible Episode 2- From HollywoodJesus.com

I was one of the 27 million who tuned into the first episode of The Bible TV series last week, a somewhat skeptical participant but quickly intrigued by the visualization of my frequently read stories from Genesis and Exodus of the Old … Continue reading

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Hating On “The Bible” Miniseries

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m skeptical of media that barely dresses up a point of view with a few tidbits of action, drama, or acting, barely concealing that it is a diatribe against this or … Continue reading

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Modern Day Parables (2/17/13)

The word for parable, mashal, translates to be “side by side” (parallel explanations), but sometimes it has been used to define the “hidden things” that Jesus taught his disciples and crowds who followed him. Either way, it’s clear that Jesus … Continue reading

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