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The Truest Thing About You: Who Are You? (Book Review)

David Lomas begins his first book by asking us, “what is the truest thing about you?” That’s the defining question that he’ll explore throughout The Truest Thing About You: Identity, Desire, And Why It All Matters. He shares his struggle over identity … Continue reading

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Orphan Black: Who Are You? (TV Review)

BBC America’s Orphan Black delivers some shockingly good moments in its first ten-episode season. Starring Tatiana Maslany as streetwise hustler Sarah, and a number of other clones, the show begins with the startling suicide-by-train of one of the clones, Detective … Continue reading

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Hashtag Manifesto: Who Am I?

While my normal posts revolve around movies, pop culture, or current events related to pop culture and movies, a manifesto of sorts has been coming to mind based on the labeling that has divided the Church for centuries and continues … Continue reading

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Iron Man: You Know Who I Am, But Do I?

Iron Man 3 was a different kind of superhero movie than we’ve seen before, more akin to Dark Knight Rises than The Avengers, but it was still officially the first sign that summer is upon us. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) returns … Continue reading

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