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Veronica Mars: From Kickstarter To Taking Numbers (Movie Review)

Seven years after the CW/UPN show of the same name wrapped, Veronica Mars hit the big screen last weekend, thanks to a multi-million-dollar Kickstarter campaign where fans paid to return Kristen Bell’s private investigator to Neptune High. When Logan Echolls (Jason … Continue reading

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Homefront: Who Watches Our Violence? (Movie Review)

Don’t believe what you’ve heard (Rotten Tomatoes, anyone?) This is the best Jason Statham flick since The Transporter. After several disappointing spins as The Mechanic and various incarnations of Crank, Statham had semi-Statham-like performances in Killer Elite and Redemption/Hummingbird. But now, strange as it is to see … Continue reading

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Oz The Great & Powerful: Accomplishing Great Things (Movie Review)

I really wanted to dislike Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. It seemed so easy from my easy dismissal of the trailer that looked so cheesy, with James Franco as Oz in black and white. But Sam Raimi’s prequel to Frank … Continue reading

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