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Kathy Escobar’s Faith Shift: When Religion Just Isn’t Enough (Book Review)

One of the founding pastors of The Refuge in North Denver and a regular blogger, Kathy Escobar delivers her latest book, Faith Shift, for those who find that church as they know it just isn’t cutting it. Why am I even … Continue reading

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The Rocks Cry Out: (Sunday’s Sermon Today)

“In the beginning…” That’s always how it starts, isn’t it? Somewhere, at some point in time, there is a beginning. But as one of our enterprising young people asked in Children’s Church last week, “where was God before that?” That, … Continue reading

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The East: An Eye For An Eye (Movie Review)

The trailer of The East drew me in and I’ll admit it, I bought a copy. Gasp! Determined to review things for free, I usually rely on publicity contacts, but this one had something that intrigued me. What if an underground … Continue reading

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