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The Bible Says What? Creation (Genesis 1-2) #1

I bought another pop-culture-take-on-the-Bible book. Like my addiction to Coke, I just can’t help myself. But it is written by another, non-practicing author, who brings great insights and applications but isn’t a Christian. So, I wondered what it would look like for … Continue reading


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Is It A Wonderful Life Without Jesus? (Sunday’s Sermon Today)

Are you afraid of the dark? There’s something disquieting about it. I know as a kid I didn’t like to go into our basement by myself. My family made a joke about the three men who lived there (real funny, … Continue reading

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A Little Light (A Mustard Seed Musing)

For those who fight the darkness every day, in battles we see some days but not all of them, and for those who keep the light burning for the rest of us. When you stare into the darkness Something stares … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Sermon Today: God Comes Near (I Kings 5:1-6, 8:1-13)

For his fourth birthday, our family pooled their funds and we bought my son a wooden play set. My wife, my inlaws, and I worked for two and a half days to screw it all together. It was one of … Continue reading

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