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A History of Trees: Genesis 6:9-22 (Sunday’s Sermon Today)

One fall day, a young boy tagged along to his father’s greenhouse. There, he marveled at his father’s work, the greenery and flowers, the stages of plant life, and the woodwork that his father did as a hobby. Entering for the first … Continue reading

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Blue Lights In The Mirror (A Mustard Seed Musing)

Driving home on the interstate one night, I was passed by an SUV doing well over the speed limit. No innocent to speeding myself, I looked down at my speedometer and recognized that the other vehicle was doing twenty to … Continue reading

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Smurfs 2: Born Blue Or Made Blue, It Doesn’t Matter (Movie Review)

I’ve been watching The Smurfs my whole life. There’s just something that draws me in about a bunch of blue, pint-sized souls who see the world from a cheery perspective, even though they’re always the underdogs. It appealed to me as a … Continue reading

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