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The Bible Says What? “Fathers & Sons” (Gen. 20-50 – Speedy Version) #4

The story of Genesis gets us to this point: God made that covenant, that agreement with Abraham, and now, it’s passed down through Abraham’s son, Isaac, to his son, Jacob, to Jacob’s sons. To understand where that covenant ends up, we’ll … Continue reading


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Chicago Fire: What’s Your Family’s Style (TV Review)

I’ll admit it: I like to binge watch television shows. My record is still two and a half days for the first season of the greatest television show ever (Lost). But over the last week, I blew through the first … Continue reading

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The World’s End: Where Do You Run? (Movie Review)

I caught Shaun of the Dead thanks to a friend’s recommendation, and my (then) growing interest in zombies, and thought that it was one of the funniest movies that I’ve ever seen. Then, I saw Hot Fuzz and was underwhelmed by Simon Pegg and … Continue reading

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Man Of Steel: Epic Reboot (Part II) *Spoiler Version*

If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend going here first. What follows is unabashedly for those who’ve seen the film already and contains spoilers.  Man of Steel begs for this idea I read somewhere… that all stories boil down to … Continue reading

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Save Me From Anne Heche?

If there’s something overtly religious about an upcoming television show, I’m apt to DVR it. But then again, I’m inclined to set my DVR to record the initial episode of just about every new show out there, from mainstream networks … Continue reading

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The Impossible

Thailand, 2004. The worst tsunami in recorded history obliterates Khao Lak, an ocean front tourist attraction, plucking Maria Bennett (Naomi Watts, nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards) and her family, and throwing them into their own private hell. … Continue reading

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