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Sunday’s Sermon Today: Buried Treasure (Matthew 13:44-46)

Have you ever seen something that you just had to have? Maybe it was a purchase, like that piece of art or that shiny new car. How do you go about acquiring it? Will you beg, borrow, or steal? Will … Continue reading

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Ten: What Words Do You Follow? (Book Review)

Every few years, the public eye seems to focus in on a courtroom somewhere in the United States where one group of people is battling another group of people over whether or not the Ten Commandments should be displayed. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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The Journey So Far: How Grace Is Gonna Get You (2001-2010)

This is part three in my blog series on my “story,” beginning with why I’m a Christian, continuing with why I’m a pastor. If you missed the first (“Why I’m A Christian“) or the second (“How Seminary Ruined My Life … Continue reading

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The Journey So Far: How Seminary Ruined My Life & Made Me A Better Person (1995-2001)

This was supposed to be called “How/Why I Became A Pastor” but “How Seminary Ruined My Life” has a certain ring to it. To be fair, this is really about college at the University of Richmond and seminary at Asbury Theological Seminary … Continue reading

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