After The Sunset: Pierce Brosnan’s Post-Bond Career (Movie Review)

As his turn at James Bond ended, Pierce Brosnan began turning his eyes toward projects that provided more of a variety. After the Sunset (2004) was one such movie that halfway propelled him into a broader genre: the action/comedy that he may be just as well known for now. Starring as Max Burdett, master jewel thief, Brosnan teams with Salma Hayek (as his henchman, Lola) to snatch the Napoleon diamonds out of the grasp of the FBI’s Stanley P. Lloyd (Woody Harrelson). As the film moves forward, Burdett and Lola are on the run, with Lloyd hot on their heels.

Directed by Brett Ratner, the film has much more tongue-in-cheek than action-blasting scenes. We get early work by Naomie Harris as a local cop in the Bahamas, with cameos by then- LA Lakers and Ed Norton, to name a few. It’s all in good fun but it wasn’t a box office success. One supposes that a twenty-year anniversary with “first time on Blu-ray” counts for something, but this is one that Brosnan and Hayek fans (who has more, I wonder?) will probably scoop up no matter what.

Ultimately, the story revolves around Burdett’s ability to let his career go, and embrace life with Lola. Everyone struggles with that, even if they’re not retirement age. How do we slow down and take time off? How do we make our families more important than our careers? How do we follow through on our commitments to make our futures the way we want to? After the Sunset asks those questions, with a few chuckles thrown in, and maybe a few answers, too.


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