All Hail King Julien! (TV Review)

allhailkingjulien1You may not have heard, but the obnoxiously overbearing lemur king from Madagascar, Julien (Danny Jacobs), has his own Netflix original television show! The second batch of five episodes release on Friday, and I caught a sneak peek of several of the episodes. If Penguins of Madgascar and the original trilogy of Madagascar were your thing, then you should make haste to the lemur kingdom forthwith!

Julien is up to his usual shenanigans, expecting absolute obedience and delivering his nonsensical, self-absorbed kingly decisions. Andy Richter voices Julien’s ‘henchman’ Mort (and Ted), while Kevin Michael Richardson voices his other buddy, Maurice (and Chauncey). However, India de Beaufort’s Clover may be the smartest character, as she seems to constantly be trying to do her duty to protect the hapless king. But Julien sees new character, the tenrec Timo (David Krumholtz) as a magician because he knows “science,” and gives him most of the credit.

Of the episodes I saw, my favorite was the one where the evil fanoloka Karl (Dwight Schultz) tricks Julien into loving coffee… and causing the addiction of his whole kingdom. It’s hilarious to watch the obsession with the drink, and the way that the hooked-on-caffeine feelings play out throughout the kingdom. That it’s called “Brown Julien” (like “Orange Julius”) is clever enough, but the hijinks that occur made this my clear favorite.

You might learn a thing or two from King Julien, but mostly, you’ll just laugh and shake your head. rating: rent it


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