NFL Films’ Super Bowl XLIX Champions New England Patriots (Movie Review)

Do you remember when the Seattle Seahawks had Super Bowl XLIX wrapped up after Jermaine Kearse’s acrobatic (lucky?) catch, maximizing his athletic control and preparation? Or how about when the media had quarterback Tom Brady categorized as “over the hill” or merely “ordinary” after the New England Patriots’ blowout loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football?

Pats fans like this one remember, and the chuckles make this year sweet enough.

But even sweeter, fans of the dynasty from New England will hold sweet how the (Malcolm) Butler did it in the end zone with a pick, and how the season could not be marred by accusations of Deflategate or the Aaron Hernandez trial. We’ll remember how the Patriots came back from historic odds to take down their rivals, the Baltimore Ravens; how they dismantled Andrew Luck for the second time this season, in the AFC Championship; how they battled Richard Sherman and all of the talk leading up to the final game.

Thanks to Cinedigm and NFL Fans, those memories can be played out on your big screen, high def TV with the Super Bowl XLIX Champions: New England Patriots Blu-ray available March 3rd. Complete with a run-through of the regular season and playoffs, the feature will allow you to relive the most exciting and memorable moments of the season. But because many of those are already replaying in your head, this collection boasts a host of extras:

-“Belichick Revealed” with Melissa Stark [Just don’t expect that he’ll say much]

-“The Gronk Interview” with Andrea Kremer [he’s more than a party animal]

-“Tom Brady- The Fire Inside” [It’s powerful to see his father critique his son’s competitiveness… There’s also the Kurt Warner interview with Brady.]

-“Gronkology” [A funny look at what a “Gronk” is… and how misunderstood that is]

And a host of other special features that make this a must-own for Patriots fans. As one myself, I’ll say rating: buy it!


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