The Song: Free Chance At A Lyrical Love Story (Review & Giveaway)

I’m a big fan of City on a Hill’s romance/drama The Song, based on the book of Song of Solomon from the Bible’s Old Testament. That’s not to say this is a Biblical epic, or that folks who aren’t up on SoS will be lost. Truthfully, you  wouldn’t have to be Christian or Jewish to appreciate the film because the pacing, script and acting are that solid. And now you can read below about how to win a free combo pack of the DVD, CD soundtrack, and devotional book, Awaken to Love.

Jed King (Alan Powell of the Christian band Anthem Lights in terrific starting role) wants badly to be the musician his father was, but his father’s broken relationship with his mother has an even deeper impact, even if he can’t see it. At first, it seems hat everything will progress straight to happily ever after when he serenades and woos his one, true love, Rose (Ali Faulkner), the anchor of his life. Sure, King finds success on stage with a guitar in his hands, but he also wrestles with Shelby (Caitlin Nicol-Thomas), a tour mate with less-than-honorable intentions, and the life of a musician on the road.

Rose’s pregnancy causes a further strain in their relationship, and King loses his way on so many levels. The film’s intense struggle isn’t so much physical as it is emotional and mental, but it’s as well done for what it implies as what it shows. The wages of sin are death, Paul writes in Romans 6, but for King, they’re reaped in loneliness, desperation, frustration, and anger. It seems that the possibility remains that the Kings will never recover: where can grace come from with so many problems and so much hostility? Even if they forgive each other, can they ever be one again? Can love actually make a difference?

Post a message below – your favorite romance or drama about marriage/dating – I’ll pick a winner on Monday evening and ship you a copy of each (the DVD, CD, and book). 


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