Alien Outpost: Humanity’s Last Hope? (Movie Review)

Humanity was attacked by an alien race, known as “Heavies,” but we drove them back- they left a few unfortunate alien soldiers behind. Jabbar Raisani cut his teeth as an onset visual supervisor on Game of Thrones and now directs (and co-wrote) this documentary-styled alien attack flick. In 2033, ten years after the first attack, cameramen follow some of our toughest soldiers as they hold down Outpost 37. They initially think they’re ‘mopping up’ the last remaining Heavies, but instead discover the Heavies are actually up to bigger plans.

Interspersed with interviews and close, in-your-face footage, Alien Outpost has a distinctively District 9-meets-Starship Troopers feel to it, although on a much smaller budget apparently. It plays out like a Syfy feature film with characters that seem pretty interchangeable and dialogue that you’ve heard in bits and pieces before, but the action has significant spurts where you’re sucked into the near-horror/apocalypse of it all. It’s obvious that Raisani has an eye for how it looks – and his script with Blake Clifton focuses in on the long and feel, the impending doom of it all. Next time, one hopes he’ll get a bigger budget to make those ‘heavies’ look like something more formidable.

If you’re in the mood for a sci-fi war flick, then this is probably what you’re looking for. If not, then I’d recommend you check something else out. It’s a war for Earth, and these soldiers are going down swinging.  Rating: rainy day it


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