The Blacklist Season 2 Premiere

After binge watching all of season 1 over the last two weeks, I eagerly awaited the arrival of the second season. The first half of the episode seemed to drag on… And then it happened: I realized that I was being lulled into complacency so that the Blacklist could pile drive me with the breathtaking events that leave us hanging for next week.

A few thoughts in review:
The task force is in flux… But that’s because the main components are hurting. Agent Keen is doubting herself, thanks to her broken relationship with Tom. (Thankfully, a new haircut and claiming her name seem to make a difference.) Several other agents are doubting their ability to fulfill their duties based on injury, fear, etc. Red is still trying to figure out who Berlin is, and why he wants to cause Red so much grief. But ultimately, they come together because of each other– this is family, chosen, and by blood (but in a bloodshed kind of way.)

Peter Stormare is a bad, bad man. But we knew that already. But here on The Blacklist , he’s a relentless killer who isn’t afraid to amputate himself to get to Red. And it’s been implied that Red sent his daughter back to him in prison piece by piece, and now he wants to use Red’s wife (Mary-Louise Parker) the same way. This is a man who sees his soul and his body as disposable to accomplish the mission.

Whatever we thought we knew about Red and Keen, this second season is bound to ratchet things up, because life just got a lot complicated. Red isn’t chasing other criminals, he’s the target, the hunted. And nothing that we’ve seen from our two protagonists implies that they’ll ever run. It’s time for a fight.


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