FF Rant: And It Begins (Fantasy Football 2014)

Just to get this out of the way: I’m predicting New Orleans versus New England for the Super Bowl come February, 31-28 OT. Why not… Stephen Gostkowski kick to win it!

All of the following are ESPN, PPR (point per reception), and auction, and except for the last one (Sons of Thunder), they are keeper leagues. Keepers from 2013 are in bold. [The one snake draft I did on NFL.com is listed below the evaluation of the teams.) The teams:

Elves: Aaron Rodgers (Brady); Shane Vereen & Giovani Bernard (Bishop Sankey, Pierre Thomas); Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Andre Johnson, Randall Cobb; Jimmy Graham; NE Patriots; Mason Crosby

Monks: Brady (Cutler); Arian Foster, Doug Martin, Ryan Matthews (Joique Bell, Carlos Hyde); Bryant, Julio Jones, Kendall Wright (Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks); Kyle Rudolph; Carolina Panthers; Crosby

Guardians: Andy Dalton (Roethlisberger); Eddie Lacy, Bernard, Martin, Sankey (Hyde); Larry Fitzgerald, Roddy White, Julian Edelman (Evans); Rob Gronkowski (Witten); Houston Texans; Matt Bryant–> Had Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster, Greg Olsen, and Golden Tate, but flipped them for Lacy, Fitz, and Gronk.

Bandits: Colin Kaepernick (Matt Ryan); Lacy, Adrian Peterson, Foster (Bell); Cordarelle Patterson, Marques Colston, Pierre Garcon (Wright, Vincent Jackson, White); Graham; Patriots; Dan Bailey

Sons of Thunder: Drew Brees (Tony Romo); Vereen, Thomas (Hyde, Sankey); Bryant, Edelman, Jordy Nelson (Cooks, Justin Hunter, Cooks, Brian Hartline); Gronk; Seattle Seahawks; Bailey


The only major gaffe I regret is “fat fingering” a bid on Julian Edelman for the Guardians team. I was typing in “$14” but hit an extra number that exceeded my budget; the computer adjusted to the remainder of my budget minus the minimum $1 per remaining slot. Oops. But the trade of Charles and Foster (the first who will show some regression based on schedule and loss of offensive line, and the second, who I’m not convinced is healthy) returned my number one running back this year (a healthy Rodgers for the season? Lacy can only go up) and my number two tight end (if he says he’s ready, I believe him) was worth the risk. 

Bandits and Sons show major balance, but that Elves team? The keepers I brought in were a good base, but it seems like I could be one running back maxing on upside to be absolutely dominate.

You can see I spent less on quarterbacks than most people this year, and it remains to be seen if that will pay off. I think there’s a major drop off after Graham (and possibly Gronk) at TE, but some of those other guys (Olsen is the top Carolina receiver) could make up for it in PPR.

NFL.com Snake team

Romo (Cutler); Lacy, Bernard, Bell, Andre Ellington (Hyde); Vincent Jackson, Michael Floyd (Patterson, Cooks); Olsen (Rudolph); Texans; Bryant

I was shocked by the RBs that others passed on for defenses and quarterbacks, and was more than happy to scoop them up. Because this isn’t PPR, I may not have altered my tendencies enough, but we’ll have to see what happens. The computer evaluation picked this team to come in second overall in that league.

What moves would you make? What’s your favorite team? Message me or reply below.


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