FF Rant: Back Away Slowly… (Do Not Draft 2014)

After the response to last year’s batch of fantasy football posts, I figured I’d give it a spin again this year. Here’s the first in a series coming to the blog over the next few weeks on FF. Argue, agree, or ignore!

There are some guys that have been reliable so long or the hype is so high, you think you have to draft them, but frankly, unless they came cheap in a dynasty league or somehow fall into my lap, I’m not touching them.

In the obvious name department… Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks. As I write this, Skittles wants more money. He plays in the NFC West, against the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, and the St. Louis Rams, three of the preseason top-10 defenses. [Hey, while I’m at it, I’m going to bump down the hype on Andre Ellington, Frank Gore (for several reasons), and Zac Stacy (not just because Tre Mason is there), because they play against each other, too.] Lynch is 28 so you might get another good year or two out of him, but do you really want to deal with him being disgruntled, or losing carries to Christine Michael?

Sticking with the ‘Hawks, I’m in the minority, but I’m down on the often broken, always (head)aching Percy Harvin. But I’ll bet you several rounds (or auction dollars) that someone in your draft will remember his electrifying Super Bowl performance against the hapless Denver Broncos. Segueing to the Broncos, I’m one of the three people I know who won’t be taking their quarterback, Peyton Manning. Yes, he had a record-setting year, but three things stick out to me as reasons to stay away from his high-blown level of probable cost. One, record-setters often show regression the following year (see: Tom Brady); two, remember the aforementioned Super Bowl? Other defenses will have caught up; and three, Emmanuel Sanders and Montee Ball are not the big target that Eric Decker was dancing the sidelines or the blocker/ball carrier that Knowshon Moreno was.

Ben Tate has bitten my teams more than most folks, but his transfer to the Cleveland Cavaliers (oops, that’s LeBron!), the Browns, means that he winds up stuck between Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel at quarterback, with a new coach, and an offense missing both Norv Turner and the field-stretching Josh Gordon (suspension pending). I also think that the previously noted Moreno isn’t going to have nearly the success he had with Manning in Denver, as the Dolphins lack the chemistry with Ryan Tannehill, Mike Wallace, and… ? to make the running lanes open up.

Stay tuned for more…


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