FFRant: It Begins (And I Predict How It Ends) (Fantasy Football)

I had five drafts that counted this year, that is, they were against my friends. For those tracking how all this plays out, I’ve given the highlights of my drafts here; next week, I’ll dive into the sleepers you can find on the waiver wire.

Team 1, You’ve Been Clowneyed (8-team snake): Russell Wilson, Doug Martin, LeSean McCoy, A.J. Green, Vincent Jackson, Jordan Cameron, MJDrew, and the bench is decent (Dwayne Bowe, Lamar Miller, Mike Williams, Shane Vereen). My backup QB is pretty “soft” in Michael Vick, but overall, it’s a solid team. Five top-25 players (maybe 6-7 depending on the rankings) and that’s a solid, if unspectacular team. I’ve already received a Brandon Marshall-f0r-Martin trade offer but with my WRs, it hardly seems worth it.

Team 2, Night Watch (10-team auction, 2 keepers for 2014): Russell Wilson, Jamaal Charles, Chris Johnson, Marshall, T.Y. Hilton, Stevan Ridley, Owen Daniels. Already, you can start to see the difference between an eight and a ten-team league, but I’ll admit I whiffed a little there with at least twenty dollars left over. Not my best draft. The starters look good until you hit Hilton, and he’s the best of that bench.

Team 3, Midlothian Monks (10-team PPR auction, 2 keepers for 2014): Tony Romo or Robert Griffin III, Steven Jackson, MJD, Ridley, Dez Bryant, Tavon Austin, M. Williams, Vereen, Lance Moore, Ben Tate. This team was budgeted the best from top to bottom, but I’m still disappointed that Jackson is my most expensive player. There’s something about the economics that forces me to fight spending $40-50 on a player. Tight end could be a problem, with Jordan Cameron and Jared Cook as my best options.

Team 4, Elves o f Midlothian (10-team PPR auction against HollywoodJesus.com writers only, 2 keepers): Matthew Stafford, Martin, Ridley, Bryant, Marshall, Jimmy Graham, Bowe, Reggie Bush, with a decent bench and Le’Veon Bell stashed on the IR. I think this is my favorite team of the five. Martin, Ridley, Bryant, Marshall and Graham are all top-20 players; Bush is a PPR beast; Bell is the future of Pittsburgh Steelers football.

Team 5, Midlothian Monks (10-team auction, 4 keepers each from 2012): Colin Kaepernick, Charles, David Wilson, Eddie Lacy, Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, Giovani Bernard, Graham, with Williams, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Vereen, and Garcon on the bench. It’s pretty balanced but to compete in a league where one guy got Marshawn Lynch and Martin for $18 total (eighteen t-o-t-a-l!), I need one of these guys to go crazy. Maybe Cruz and Nicks will play like it’s 2011 or Lacy will be the real deal. One star, total, in RB/WR, but Graham is easily the cream of the crop. And the future looks decent with Bernard, Lacy, and Kaepernick as keeper options.

Now, on to the real football: the Denver Broncos will take the win tonight from the Baltimore Ravens (no Dennis Pitta, no Ray Lewis) in Denver but…

For The Playoffs:

AFC: Denver, NE, Cincy, and Houston; wildcards, KC and IND

NFC: DAL, SEA, GB, and ATL; wildcards, PHI and NO

AFC Final: Denver over New England

NFC Final: Seattle vs New Orleans

Super Bowl: Seattle over Denver

Where’d I go wrong? Obviously, as a Pats fan, I doubt it ends the way I want it to…


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